Monday, November 14, 2011

Crooked minds.... tomorrow it could be you.

Scam (hate saying bad words) artists from RI and MA created a new term to rename and sell Nadia Russ' artistic invention 'NeoPopRealism' - beautiful and unique artistic technique and style.
In 2004, they also recklessly created a trademark "red square" for the paper they sell (they are playful, thought of the Moscow's “Red Square”, Nadia Russ came to the US from Moscow.). They thought Nadia Russ never find out about their crooked activities. There is a motto in their website: "Artists for Respect" which suggests innocent visitors such as teachers, grannies, children, an idea that they are striving for respect and working to improve our society.
This site says no word about the real Inventor of the art style and art technique they promote and sell to people who are not familiar with visual arts in depth - about Nadia Russ.
To art professional, this website  is just a craftsmen’s corner, where craftsmen-copycats make ridiculous statement they are inventors of art form. Sure, suggesting this idea makes craftsmen - copycats  feel good, especially when some less educated people believe them.

Those grannies and children, and some art teachers who are not familiar with recent fast-moving and innovative artistic life, who learned from swindlers the basics of new artistic technique created by Nadia Russ, should know the dark story behind that.

First presentation of zentangle took its place in RI.
But this story began earlier, in 2002, when Nadia Russ' eleven innovative ink drawings [in which she used line and repetitive patterns that filled spaces] appeared in RI. Also then, David T  Shwaery (President of Pawtucket Arts Council, RI) and Clifford Cone said to Nadia Russ that her NeoPopRealism “paintings were demolished accidentally by contractors“. It was the lies, they just wanted to steal her paintings, she left them on consignment, but did not know how. Multi-millionaire, D.T. Shwaery could easily afford Nadia Russ' artworks, but it was not in his plans... Greed?

Months later, under people’s pressure who called them, Shwaery and Cone returned her artworks.
The following years, Nadia Russ, her humanistic projects and idea of NeoPopRealism were constantly attacked online for, seemed, no reason. Not only attacked, all her ideas and projects were copied, step-by-step, by copycats since 2003 till present.

Nadia Russ created this style in 1989, copycats didn't know that.
In  January of 2003, she created a word NeoPopRealism and announced her invention worldwide..
In 2004, copycats created a new term to rename NeoPopRealism. And poor substitute of NeoPopRealism art style under another name (and with low artistic qualities) was presented to the public in RI by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, who said they are "inventors".

Copycats are not artists (this is a comedic part), they could not execute any decent ink drawings, so they were drawing very simple backgrounds/designs which Nadia Russ used as the backdrop in her ink drawings.

The parade began.
David Thomas Shwaery was bombing Nadia Russ with anonymous, spyware-infected emails, asking for brainstorms: copycats could not move forward without Nadia Russ' innovative thinking… But to prosper, the dulls had to ruin the top art origin - NeoPopRealism and all Nadia Russ’ activities related to it; they wanted to replace it with their childish, craftsmen's substitute.

During those years, several times David Thomas Shwaery told Nadia Russ: “You will go nowhere.”
Living like in a war zone, Nadia Russ didn’t know anything about this their project until June 2011. But June 4 of 2011 was a mystery-solving. She found out about the craftsmen-copycats and why David Thomas Shwaery was bombing her with spyware, was telling her: “You will go nowhere“, and much more through some small booklet. She immediatelly recognized her art style. It is still unique in art world and can be easily identified, especially by its creator.

Crooked minds are dangerous. They steal and lie looking into you eyes with innocent face expression... Stop them, boycott them today because they are constantly in search for the new 'victims'. And tomorrow it could be you.

Monday, August 29, 2011

"Nadia Russ is the person..." V. Witman

Nadia Russ is the person, in which all my dreams when I think of visual arts... And when I think of her, visual arts grow dull...

V. Witman (gallerist in 1989-1991 of art gallery Aktsia in Moscow, which exhibited Nadia's artwork and other prominent artists such as Anatoly Zverev),
Cologne, Germany

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Zentangle? This is amazing..." Leo B.

Zentangle? This is amazing, low life. What others say on IP subject:
--If you plagiarize others' techniques, you steel their emotions and tell your spectators a lie with your work. Works as such equal zero. Wu Guan-Zhong
--It's a shallow victory to bask in another's battle. Dorenda Crager Watson
--Stealing ideas from contemporaries is rude and tasteless. Stealing from the long dead is considered literary and admirable. The same is true of grave-robbing. Loot your local cemetery and find yourself mired in social awkwardness. But unearth the tomb of an ancient king and you can feel free to pop off his toe rings. You'll probably end up on a book tour, or bagging an honorary degree or two.  N.D. Wilson
--Gathering your own reference materials, sketches and using your own imagination is going to help you grow as an artist far more than stealing someone else's work. Bonnie Hamlin
--Plagiarize, plagiarize, / Let no man's work evade your eyes, / Remember why the good Lord made your eyes, / Don't shade your eyes, / But plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize. / Only be sure to call it research. Tom Lehrer.  (Call it research, DO NOT CALL IT INVENTION!)
--You can steal a man's bolts, but you can't steal his thunder. Ed Zerne

More?  For now, enough. Shame on you, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.
Leo B. NJ/  08.28.2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

"I admit that zentangle is ..." Jeff Ibbo

I admit that zentangle is very common, like tattoos or just decorative.

Nadia Russ has more in her drawings like telling stories and making compositions so every bird sings with its own beak, some sings false. When someone plagiate you it's a sign that you have done something good, so be happy!

Jeff Ibbo
Copenhagen, Denmark

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"I wish we could put more images ..." Johnson-Roehr, Catherine Ann

I wish we could put more images of artists’ work on our web site, but at this time we do not have a place to put them.  The NeoPopRealism ink drawings (200) and book that Nadia Russ donated to our collection are listed in our library catalog, but it does not allow us to include images.

Here are the records:

Author: Russ, Nadia.
                 Title: 100 Drawings by Nadia Russ.
             Published: 2008.
           Description: 1-29) 15" x 8 1/2"; 3-100) 17" x 11".
                   650: Drawings.

                Author: Russ, Nadia.
                 Title: 100 Drawings by Nadia Russ.
             Published: 2008.
           Description: 1-42) 11" x 8"; 43-100) 17" x 11".
                   650: Drawing.
                   650: Nudes in Art.

More complete records of these items maybe viewed by going to our library catalog and searching under Author: Russ, Nadia.

Johnson-Roehr, Catherine Ann
Curator of Art, Artifacts, & Photographs
Kinsey Institute, Indiana University

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"I feel Nadia Russ' s Art (NeoPopRealism) is ..." R. Gopakumar

I feel Nadia Russ's Art (NeoPopRealism) is "Contemporary Fine Art" and Zentangle is just a "Graphic Design". 
Her work of arts are influencing to other artist is great thing, but taking idea from her and re-branding it without her permission is not at all a good practice legally or morally.  

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein.  
R. Gopakumar 07.12.2011 



Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"I think the original artwork always is ... " Talieh Vafamefr

I think the original artwork always is recognizable from the copy one. And the year of creation of any artworks can show the truth.

Talieh Vafamehr
Visual Artist
Tehran, Iran

Monday, June 27, 2011

"I know there is only..." David DeBeer

I know there is only one great artist and that's NADIA RUSS!! She proved to me and my friends that SHE is the Greatest!!

David DeBeer, Entrepreneur
Fort Lauderdale, FLA

Friday, June 24, 2011

"Isn't it ironic that I have never heard of zentangle..." Francine Douaihy

Isn't it ironic that I have never heard of zentangle (and I am very up-to-date on the world of art) but Nadia Russ's concept rocked my world several years ago because she is such a visionary, looking forward to art's next part of our inevitable EVOLUTION into the 21st century. Neopoprealism = Nadia Russ. It is very true that imitation is the highest form of flattery!!!!! Thank you Nadia for LEADING us to the NEXT level!!!!! 

Yours in art, Francine Douaihy,
former art teacher of 33 years, who has recently been an adjunct professor in Marywood University's Art Education department, Scranton, PA
LOVE, PEACE, LIFE, ART, ENLIGHTENMENT. In the words of Capt. Kirk of Star TREK - DARING TO GO WHERE NO MAN HAS BEEN BEFORE!!!!!!!!!! That is Nadia Russ's vision! I love you!!!!!! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

"As a Journalist from way back..." Bob Nicolaides

Dear Reader,

As a Journalist from way back, I am flabbergasted that 22 years after the birth of her style, NeoPopRealism,  copycats come forth in the year 2011 with that same art with a different name [zentangle]. How can anyone have the gull to do such thing, when in 1992, Nadia Russ displayed this art at a restaurant called Letizia (NYC) and I was not only a witness, but I had written about it, among other newspapers in  one called The Hellenic Times. The absurdity of it is monumental  and the nerve of those who are pulling this off absurd!

Bob Nicolaides
The Greek Press, Editor in Chief
New Jersey, USA

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Zentangle? This is unbelievable..."

Zentangle? It is unbelievable! Those untalented just want make money, that's why they use someone else's idea!

Jane Levina, HR (bartender)
New York City

"It is not good..." T. I., NYC

Rick Richards and Maria Thomas,

It is not good to take and use for your "zentangle"  someone else's idea without permission and say that you invented this. But you could work together with Nadia Russ if she wants. I know, she is the well-known artist and if you would work with her, it would give you more success.

T. I., Performer
New York City

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Beginning -


Nadia Russ (aka Nadejda Maloletneva) began painting in 1989. Then, she developed concept of the ‘meditation art’ and used this art form constantly as the main form of expression in her ink drawings and oil/acrylic paintings. Later, elements of the ‘meditation art’ were constantly appearing in her artwork ‘til present days and they are a part of NeoPopRealism, style of visual arts that Nadia Russ created and manifested internationally in 2003.

Concept of the “Meditation Art’

Artist draws the lines that curve into any shapes - faces, figures, flowers, any objects simple or complicated. Then, he/she fills every section with the different repetitive patterns and adds coloring if he/she wants use the color. Some spaces he/she can leave as it is, without the repetitive patterns or coloring. Artist do not use eraser if he/she makes a mistake, he/she just moves on and this error eventually disappears because of the balance with the following patterns. The repetitive patterns can be different. This art form relaxes your mind.

Samples of Nadia Russ’ work that feature meditation art:

“Russian Justice” journal,1992, Nadia Russ illustrated a story by Saho Sasadzava

Newspaper of the Moscow Union of Artists “Moscow Hudojnik”, 1993 - article about Nadia Russ (aka
Nadejda Maloletneva) features artwork which is based on meditation art concept she created. This artwork
is now in permanent collection of Konotop Museum, Ukraine.

This work, based on meditation art concept, is in permanent collection of Kinsey Institute

Nadia Russ, ink on paper, Fragment

Nadia Russ, ink on paper

Artworks that above are based on the art concept created by Nadia Russ in 1989.

More of Nadia Russ work related to this art form and to NeoPopRealism, which also often includes the elements of the meditation art can be found in Ukrainian Museum in New York City, Kinsey Institute/ Indiana University (200 ink drawings, 2 artworks on canvas and 2 glass objects), in Sumy Art Museum in Ukraine (20 ink drawings), in WEAM one glass object 4“x4“- museum in Miami (USA), in MOYA 2 ink drawings and 2 canvases - Museum of Young Art in Vienna (Austria), Konotop Museum (Ukraine) ink drawings and canvas painting and more. For other information visit

All right reserved.


June 3, NeoPopRealism Journal sent email to "Design Originals" and Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas that said  it is not appropriate to claim the inventorship of art form that, created by Nadia Russ in 1989, and publish about it in their craftsmen's books.

Same day NeoPopRealism Journal got reply from "Zentangle": "We … are unsure of what similarities you see between Nadia Russ' work and art created according to Zentangle's teaching method. We're also unsure what you mean by "meditation art"."

June 13, NeoPopRealism Journal sent to  Richards and Thomas email that said all answers to their questions they can find in Nadia Russ‘ website, also NeoPopRealism Journal said in this email: "We have a few questions related to "Zentangle" and would like to know if you will answer them."

NeoPopRealism Journal got no reply.