Monday, November 14, 2011

Crooked minds.... tomorrow it could be you.

Scam (hate saying bad words) artists from RI and MA created a new term to rename and sell Nadia Russ' artistic invention 'NeoPopRealism' - beautiful and unique artistic technique and style.
In 2004, they also recklessly created a trademark "red square" for the paper they sell (they are playful, thought of the Moscow's “Red Square”, Nadia Russ came to the US from Moscow.). They thought Nadia Russ never find out about their crooked activities. There is a motto in their website: "Artists for Respect" which suggests innocent visitors such as teachers, grannies, children, an idea that they are striving for respect and working to improve our society.
This site says no word about the real Inventor of the art style and art technique they promote and sell to people who are not familiar with visual arts in depth - about Nadia Russ.
To art professional, this website  is just a craftsmen’s corner, where craftsmen-copycats make ridiculous statement they are inventors of art form. Sure, suggesting this idea makes craftsmen - copycats  feel good, especially when some less educated people believe them.

Those grannies and children, and some art teachers who are not familiar with recent fast-moving and innovative artistic life, who learned from swindlers the basics of new artistic technique created by Nadia Russ, should know the dark story behind that.

First presentation of zentangle took its place in RI.
But this story began earlier, in 2002, when Nadia Russ' eleven innovative ink drawings [in which she used line and repetitive patterns that filled spaces] appeared in RI. Also then, David T  Shwaery (President of Pawtucket Arts Council, RI) and Clifford Cone said to Nadia Russ that her NeoPopRealism “paintings were demolished accidentally by contractors“. It was the lies, they just wanted to steal her paintings, she left them on consignment, but did not know how. Multi-millionaire, D.T. Shwaery could easily afford Nadia Russ' artworks, but it was not in his plans... Greed?

Months later, under people’s pressure who called them, Shwaery and Cone returned her artworks.
The following years, Nadia Russ, her humanistic projects and idea of NeoPopRealism were constantly attacked online for, seemed, no reason. Not only attacked, all her ideas and projects were copied, step-by-step, by copycats since 2003 till present.

Nadia Russ created this style in 1989, copycats didn't know that.
In  January of 2003, she created a word NeoPopRealism and announced her invention worldwide..
In 2004, copycats created a new term to rename NeoPopRealism. And poor substitute of NeoPopRealism art style under another name (and with low artistic qualities) was presented to the public in RI by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, who said they are "inventors".

Copycats are not artists (this is a comedic part), they could not execute any decent ink drawings, so they were drawing very simple backgrounds/designs which Nadia Russ used as the backdrop in her ink drawings.

The parade began.
David Thomas Shwaery was bombing Nadia Russ with anonymous, spyware-infected emails, asking for brainstorms: copycats could not move forward without Nadia Russ' innovative thinking… But to prosper, the dulls had to ruin the top art origin - NeoPopRealism and all Nadia Russ’ activities related to it; they wanted to replace it with their childish, craftsmen's substitute.

During those years, several times David Thomas Shwaery told Nadia Russ: “You will go nowhere.”
Living like in a war zone, Nadia Russ didn’t know anything about this their project until June 2011. But June 4 of 2011 was a mystery-solving. She found out about the craftsmen-copycats and why David Thomas Shwaery was bombing her with spyware, was telling her: “You will go nowhere“, and much more through some small booklet. She immediatelly recognized her art style. It is still unique in art world and can be easily identified, especially by its creator.

Crooked minds are dangerous. They steal and lie looking into you eyes with innocent face expression... Stop them, boycott them today because they are constantly in search for the new 'victims'. And tomorrow it could be you.